About Kennel

Shar Pei Kennel

We and our Shar Pei live in a house near Gdansk.
Our dogs have free access from the house at any time of the day and spend as much time outside as they want.
Our dogs have a huge area for walking with a living lawn, garden and winding paths in the summer and a real snow field in the winter. These are our friends, our children, and we often enjoy walking with them.

Legal origin

Kennel "Red Folds" member of the FCI Kennel Club


When you pick up a puppy from our kennel, you can rest assured that we have put all our experience into it and made every effort to ensure that your pet will be enjoyed by you for many years to come.

Legal Shar Pei kennel near Gdansk

The Red Folds kennel is registered with FCI number 5875/R and began breeding Shar-Peis in 2021, when we got the first female of this breed: Adel from the Adamant Chazar Zeya kennel.

In 2022, the first male appeared in the kennel - Pif from the Eki Zimurrak Clouds And Rainbow kennel, and six months later the second female from this kennel - Honey Eki Zimurrak Sugar Pie Honey Bunch.